Undeniably, this bit is a page of nice words about me, with some wonderful colleagues bigging me up. Of course, I'm going to tell you I'm fab to work with - but why don't you believe some of the people who've been there and are doing it, instead? 

Michelle, real bride

Ellie is awesome! I had been following Ellie and her biz on Instagram as I was planning our wedding and she seemed so well connected and hyped on all things wedding-y, and not in a stupid girly fluffy way. That was a big thing for me, I was really frustrated and turned off by lots of typical or obviously 'alt' wedding suppliers when I started my planning, and for me, Ellie helped gather all the effortlessly cool and interesting suppliers and ideas, with no drama. 

Ellie provided a much needed and timely service for us, and the outcome made a real impact on the day. I'd so recommend working with Ellie for the little bits and bobs needed, and I can imagine her input on a larger scale would be amazing!

She stayed in touch and has been a dream to communicate with. Not even thinking about the money side of things the service was amazing and really luxe, and at a silly-good price. 


Erin Balfour, creator of Way Out Wedding

Before, when I've wanted to take someone on to help me with the blog's workload, and boy have I needed help, I've struggled to find someone with whom I could relax and know that my brand was in safe hands. Ellie is the first person to have filled those shoes. And actually then Hulk-busted out of them as she knows *exactly* how the wedding industry ticks, so she hits the ground running every time and needs no hand-holding at all. I value her knowledge of wedding styling, too, as she is something of a visionary, spotting trends and creating directional looks herself. To say she is an asset is falling woefully short of describing what she's done for Way Out Wedding. Helping me with blog posts, admin and newsletters, her copy is engaging, fresh, enthusiastic (well, she IS The Wedding Enthusiast), and often has me in stitches laughing. Ellie has given my business a real boost and a breath of fresh air. And having her on board means that I can concentrate on business development with total trust that everything I hand over is being done expertly. Ellie always meets a deadline, and if there's ever a bump in the road, she's upfront and solution-focused. I feel beyond lucky to have her by my side.


Karin Brettmeister, founder of Ritual Unions

Literally laughing and crying tears. We feel so honoured and recognised. There wouldn't be a way we could have described our brand any better. On point. Thank you so so so so much. 


Chloe, co-founder at CLUCK

Ellie is Cluck’s fabulous social media guru (and general mover & shaker). Her way with words and razor sharp wit have us laughing every day - she’s our glitter ball of bubbly Northern fun. Bright as a button and on the pulse of every wedding & hen trend, she keeps us young and in the know


Louise, founder and editor at And So To Wed

Ellie is an amazing asset to our business. From creating engaging content, liaising with clients in a professional and personable manner and generally being an all round wonder-woman, she is constantly striving to get the best outcome for our business. She works extremely hard and has an unparalleled knowledge of the wedding world. What makes Ellie stand out from the crowd is her creativity and unique perspective. She is able to take something dreary and put a whole new twist on it to make it shine. Whether it be social media content, website copy or blog articles, her personality and love for what she does is apparent in everything.