Congratulations! However, if your attitude towards wedding planning is erring slightly more towards panic and despair than Pinterest and delight, don't fret. Nowadays it's no longer about having a wedding planner or not - it's about getting started, the details, and the big finish. There are loads of in-betweens from couples who want on-the-day help, to those who want some supplier recommendations, to those who want some styling assistance. This means you can cherry pick the bits of the planning that you want to offload onto a willing individual - (hello me!). I can work alongside you to help you wherever you want support, and  then leave you to the bits that you're looking forward to doing. 

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Creative wedding styling + Trendspotting

We're so lucky to live in a world where inspiration, styling and ideas are absolutely everywhere. However, this can sometimes be crazily overwhelming. Whether it's knowing where to even begin, or translating the perfect picture you've painted in your head to paper,  I can help craft a vision for your day to reflect what you both want. This can include moodboards, colour palettes, supplier suggestions, DIY solutions, blog post bookmarks - however your wedding styling rut needs solving, we can solve it!

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Supplier suggestion

Sure, everyone knows a wedding florist or a wedding cake maker, but do many people know one that they can confidently say they trust implicitly? Well, I can. Years of experience, social media attention and a loooooot of real-life networking and gushing mean that I know a multitude of incredible suppliers who will treat your particular project with the creativity, care, and complete devotion that it deserves. I cater for both really specific requests wanting to nail that particular aspect and more generic ones, wanting to sift through the mires of search engines.

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"Ellie seemed so well connected and hyped on all things wedding-y, and not in a stupid girly fluffy way. That was a big thing for me, and Ellie helped gather all the effortlessly cool and interesting suppliers and ideas, with no drama." - Meesh, real bride