DJing isn't my strong point, so B2B here doesn't mean some groovin' DJ lineup, but business to business. I work with indie businesses in the wedding industry who are set to make a real difference for the couples looking to make their wedding day incredible. Here's some of the actual, tangible work I've done so far; but please note, the list isn't exhaustive, and I am inexhaustible. If there's something you'd like me  to do for your business - please do holler!


Mailchimp Newsletters for The Wedding Collective

The lovely Gillian + Claire have curated an incredible collection of dreamy inspo for couples on their directory and blog, and I help deliver all that must-see goodness to their subscriber's inboxes. My initial email campaign with them quintupled their click rate on previous newsletters.

A Most Curious Wedding Fair 2018 - London

Alongside the ever lovely Becky, Cat, and Ann-Marie, I assisted with the set-up of A Most Curious Wedding Fair for the second year in a row in 2018. My role as Events & PR Assistant is wonderfully varied, starting with the filing of applications in October through to blog posts advertising the exhibitors and assisting in PR exposure in big blogs and magazines to the actual set-up of the fair on the weekend. 

Photography by  September Pictures , logo by  A Spoonful Of Sugar and Co , paper installation by  Pop Pop Papier , paper eyes by  May Contain Glitter

Photography by September Pictures, logo by A Spoonful Of Sugar and Co, paper installation by Pop Pop Papier, paper eyes by May Contain Glitter


A photography and planning guide for Matilda Delves Wedding Photography

I help craft content for Matilda’s website, to create a bounteous and beauteous planning guide to help couples with the planning process. It’s a twofold benefit, as it also increases her online presence to match her incredible photography.

“Of all the money I have spent on advertising on blogs, wedding fairs and print, you have without doubt made the most effective and tangible difference to my business.” - Matilda


Advice pieces for the un-wedding

Though the industry is awash with information, it's not always relevant to modern, alternative brides. As well as being a source of the freshest bridal inspiration, The Un-Wedding also features blog pieces offering advice to help with those 'what if's and 'what if not...'s. Drawing on years of experience of wedding planning and the ins and outs of the industry, I relay it in a relaxed manner and my signature friendly tone. A full list of the posts I've written can be found on my author profile.

Creative Copy Writing Wedding

Mailchimp Newsletters for Way Out Wedding

Newsletters and email campaigns are an excellent direct marketing strategy to really show off what you've done and increase engagement and conversion. I create the copy for Way Out Wedding's monthly round-ups both to their sponsors and their readers, highlighting blog content and news from the past month. 

The Wedding Collective March Round Up.gif

Real wedding write-ups for Rock n' Roll Bride

I love real love, writing, and writing about real love. I currently write 2-3 times a week for industry champion Kat Williams of Rock 'n' Roll Bride, collating the information collected from the couple into engaging, inspiring content for readers who want to see real weddings that represent what they're looking for. This also entails making sure all the relevant suppliers and parties are given the credit they deserve, and looking at a lot of gorgeous photos! Find my full collection of RNRB features on my author profile.

Wedding Creative Copywriting

Shoot Co-Ordination for The Un-Wedding's Book of love

To showcase the best abilities of the Un-Wedding's Book of Love directory suppliers - and as one myself, for wedding couples - I direct and co-ordinate styled shoots to bring Melissa's visions to life.