I’m Ellie, the relentless creative mind and loud laugh behind The Wedding Enthusiast, a complete wedding consultancy for creatives.* I'm whole-heartedly and whole-headedly passionate about weddings, working with couples to help ease their wedding planning stresses and with companies to help showcase their work to the world.

Weddings are a culmination of everything I adore: mind-blowing creativity + stunning styling, family + friends, excellent organising (AKA lists) and a great party. Above all else, they're storytelling - why wouldn't you want to be a part of someone's beautiful love story? My adoration for storytelling means I also love writing for and about wonderful businesses in the industry, weaving their successes and their brilliance into one warm-hearted narrative in ways they were too modest to do.

Aside from weddings (you mean to tell me there's more to life?) I love a good candyfloss sunset, am thrilled by confetti cannons, and adore statement earrings. I'm an avid cake baker but an even more avid pre-oven cake mix eater. (Bar philosophy, which I ill-advisedly did a degree in, baking is technically my most qualified topic, because I have a Guinness World Record in afternoon tea. Legit.) I live on the Monopoly board and intend to do so for the forseeable, though I fell in love with New York the moment I stepped off that plane (with dreams, sans cardigan). I live for a song lyric and a 00s reference. There's always sparkle on my cheeks, a glint in my eye, and a mug of tea in my hands - and if you meet me, I promise I'm not as basic as that may have made me appear. Peachy pinky swear.

Fancy making some magic together? Get in touch and let's see what we can make happen...

*I also run The Enthusiast, where I'm encouraging people to own their enthusiasm, am a quarter of the team behind A Most Curious Wedding Fair, and co-host The Business Proposal Podcast, the podcast for wedding creatives, by wedding creatives.

image by Joanna Bongard, t-shirt by The Enthusiast